If creativity is the language of the Soul,

how do you choose to speak?

Hi my name is Alyona, friends call me Aly
and welcome to my design portfolio site.

Outside of the design and marketing world, I am deeply focused on my spiritual growth & self-development. Although a career in design sounded good in my 20s, I soon realized that sitting in front of a screen 40+ hrs a week wasn't for me. 

So I took my four-year degree, moved to a new state, and went on a pursuit of a new career, one that better aligned with my new values and desires. 


Several years later, after much healing and inner work, I felt a call to pursue a path of entrepreneurship. Over the coming years, I've completed several certifications including Life Coaching, Reiki I & II, Yoga Teacher YTT 200, Thai Bodywork, Holistic Wellness, Energy & Sound Healing + many online self-paced courses - all of which gave me tools &  skills that I now get to combine into my unique transformational healing offer.

Through my journey, I've been able to tap into my inner child, pleasure & play is the foundation of my life & my business. I know I am here to bring joy, innocence, feminine way, authenticity, and consciousness to the planet.

To help people remember ---

that there is more to life than hustle and grind.

That self-love is the key and optimum health and wellbeing is a real accomplishment. Beyond physical material things, the Soul craves for a deeper meaning and purpose. I've found mine, have you?

If you want support in finding your purpose and a guide to help you live a conscious and meaningful life write me an email.

Otherwise I hope you enjoy enjoy viewing my design portfolio!

With love & Grattitude,

~ A


Alyona Motkina